Our Staff

The professional instructors and staff at TC Dance Club International look forward to making your social ballroom dance experience the very best it can be. Each one completes a specialized and rigorous training curriculum with TC Dance Club International. Our instructors not only love ballroom dancing, they love sharing it with others. 

Terry Irwin, Owner and Five-Time Ballroom Dance Champion

In November 1980, Terry Irwin opened Adagio Dance Club in Appleton, Wisconsin. Just four months prior he’d been fired from the Arthur Murray Dance Studio, but as the saying goes “when one door closes, a window opens”. Terry launched Adagio Dance Club beginning with three inexperienced instructors and rapidly grew from zero members to over 100 today. The Club’s focus was on competitive dancing and the instructors and members traveled across the country to compete in many different events.

In March of 1983 the Club became part of the TC Dance Club International organization and shifted to an emphasis on excellence in social dancing. “It was the best move I ever made”, says Terry. “Mr. Chapman (the founder of TC Dance Club International) and I went round and round about competitive versus social clubs, but he convinced me that a social club appeals to wider audience and is ultimately a much more satisfying business experience” Terry said. Terry went on to become Dance Director for TC Dance Club International and believed in the organization so much, that he ended up purchasing it along with Dan Caballero and Barry Sandland. There are additional TC Dance Club International locations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Satellite Beach, Florida, and Wind Gap, Pennsylvania.

With the knowledge that anyone can learn, and that we learn through encouragement, TC Dance Club – Appleton has garnered an eclectic membership that’s become Terry’s favorite part of owning a dance club. “We have people from every social and economic background imaginable,” says Terry. “Coming to work is like attending the school of life. Who wouldn’t want to come to a party everyday?”

Toby Crawford, Instructor

Toby Crawford comes to TC Dance Club – Appleton from his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama where he began his career as a professional dance instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in 1992.

With an old-school philosophy of dance where the man is the frame and the lady is the picture, Toby’s goal is to make his partner look and feel as beautiful as possible during their time together on the dance floor.

Toby says, “I teach every day knowing that I have the chance to profoundly affect people’s lives in a positive way. Helping someone achieve a personal goal is a very special thing.”

Toby believes that learning to dance is a journey that Teacher and Student take together. He wants his students to leave every lesson knowing that they did at least one thing better than when they came in.

When not at the Club, Toby enjoys classic Hollywood movies, and every genre of music, especially blues, classic rock, and classical, and in the land of Badgers football, Toby is a rabid University of Alabama fan.

Analeigh Sanderson, Instructor

Analeigh has always been fascinated with the inner world of her mind and body, and the out world of the natural environment. She holds a BFA in Modern Dance and a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Utah. After graduating she flew to Alaska to experience true wilderness, and was a River Ranger for the Tongass National Forest in Yakutat, AK the summer of 2016. She is excited to return to her primary passion of dance, and to her roots in the Midwest.

Analeigh is certified in Bronze American Ballroom Instruction and is the newest staff member of the TC Dance Club.

Angela Cervantes, Instructor

Angela Cervantes arrived in the United States in 1993 from Sicily. Unimpressed with the American take on Italian cuisine, she opened Angelina’s restaurant in Green Bay in 1998 with her family’s original recipes. This fulfilled her passion for cooking, but it took her until 2003 to discover TC Dance Club in Appleton to let her explore her other passion, ballroom dancing. Since then, she has won numerous competitions, become a beautiful dancer, and evolved into a very popular professional dance teacher. Angela enjoys students of all types and personalities and says her teaching style is fun, fun, fun!

Alice Fara, Administrative Executive

In 2001 I signed on for dance lessons at Adagio since I was attending an elite wedding of dear friends in Chicago. I am still grateful to them for the inspiration. After that I forgot to leave TC Dance Club. The promises of dance are true: great social interaction, physical exercise and mental stimulation. My friends say it’s great this has happened in my life, but I don’t dare ask the boss what he thinks!