Frequently Asked Questions

I’m afraid of looking silly, can I take dance lessons with two left feet?

Here at TC Dance Club we LOVE people with two left feet. We have an entire closet of right feet, we’ll find one that matches your left 😉

What is the dress code at TC Dance Club?

Our dance dress code is casual, but we do request no jeans or sneakers. Dance shoes are helpful and can be bought when you feel you would like a pair. Your instructor can guide you on the right shoe to purchase and where to find them.

Can I come to the dance club to practice on my own?

Yes! You can come to practice dance any time you like during business hours.

What are the hours of operation at TC Dance Club?

TC Dance Club is open Monday through Friday from 12:15 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. Please call (920) 731-8851 to confirm before arriving.

Can I take dance lessons just for my wedding or special event?

Sure, for any event you may have! Of course we have special wedding packages for the bride and groom or the whole wedding party! Everyone is welcome to learn to dance.

Do I need a partner to sign up for dance lessons?

No partner is needed; your teacher is your partner as well as the other members of the club who love to dance and teach lessons.